Elder Futhark - Ingwaz

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Magical workings:

1. Storage and transformation of power for ritual use.

2. Fertility rites.

3. Passive meditation and centering of energy and thought.

4. Sudden release of energy



lngwaz is considered to be the name of an old Germanic earth god, who works in tandem with the earth mother, Nerthus. Their cult was most developed in ancient times in the North Sea regions. The Old English Rune Poem tells us Ing was at first among the East-Danes seen by men, until he went eastward over the wave, his wain rolled after him: thus the Heardings named the hero. The wagon or chariot mentioned is the same used in the Nerthus cult. lngwaz represents the male consort of the earth mother, and the priest who attends her. So strong was this cult among the peoples of the North Sea that they were often referred to as Ingvaeones (those of Ing). The Yanic god Freyr also was known as Yngvi, and he too took part in fertility rites in which he rode in a wagon in ritual processions. Freyr seems generally to have usurped the role and the name of Ing in the North. In the Ing-Nerthus cult the female element consumes the male to replenish her powers after spending them giving fertility to land and people. Here there are strong overtones of a Cybele-Attis type of cult. The myth of Freyr giving up his sword to gain Gerdhr or the Odhinic name Gelding (castrated horse), may be illustrative here. The male element represents the self-replenishing "cosmic food" of potential energy, which is held through winter by the goddess to be suddenly and violently released again in spring during the orgiastic processional ritual. The NG-rune is a storehouse of potential energy that must undergo a gestation period in order to gain in strength. This is a principle that works on all levels of the multiverse, and it is a mighty rune of magic, for all power must undergo such a protected gestation period before it may be manifested in its most potent form. One of the great secrets of Nordic sex magic is embodied in this rune.