Elder Futhark - Ehwaz

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Magical workings:

1. Facilitation of "soul travel" throughout the worlds and projection of the "soul" in Midhgardhr.

2. Realization of fundamental unity of the psychosomatic complex.

3 . Imparts trust and loyalty.

4 . A source of prophetic wisdom.

5. Projection of magical power.

6. Facilitates swiftness in every regard.



Ehwaz represents the power of the twin gods. This power construct is a reflection of a dual form of Germanic kingship. These leaders often were represented mythically as horses. Here we think of Hengist (stallion) and Horsa (horse), the Saxon conquerors of Britain. Also, the name of the twin gods of the Veda, the Asvinau, literally means "the two horses." The harmonious relationship between the two forces represented in the dual construct is emphasized, rather than the defensive and outwardly directed power expressed in the Z-rune. All this points to the close relationship between man and horse felt by the Indo-Europeans in general and the Germanic peoples in particular. The horse is a source of numinous knowledge, and horses often were consulted by the ancient Germanic priests in divinatory rites. The ehwaz is a spiritual quality closely connected to mankind (mannar). In Old Norse it is said: marr er manns fylgja (the horse is a man's fetch). The bind rune of M and 1'1 is R (em), which means "I am. " The E-rune facilitates the journey between the worlds of Yggdrasill-the vitki may literally ride its power through the realms of reality. Ehwaz is the rune of Sleipnir, Odhinn's eight-legged steed. Many runic talismans portray a man riding a horse as a symbol form for integrated magical protection, under the rulership of 6dhinn. This is the otherworldly aspec't of ehwaz, but the horse also is connected with fertility magic, and thus to Freyr, the god of fertility, peace, and sensuality. This is a rune of trust and loyalty. The spiritual relationship that a horseman develops for his horse is a good illustration of the might of this rune. There is much power to be gained in this secret. Ehwaz is the combination of two sympathetic, yet dually arrayed forces or entities (such as man/horse, horse/chariot, man/fylgja, body/soul) that work harmoniously together toward one goal (see the TH-rune for the contrasting concept). The E-rune is the symbol of the ideal man-woman relationship and thus is the mystery of lawful marriage.