Reiki Healing
Reiki is effective in providing pain relief and healing to many disorders. The way that it works is to address whatever is out of balance in the person receiving the energy. For some people it is more of a physical healing, for others more of a mental, emotional or spiritual healing. Reiki addresses all levels of being simultaneously. Because it changes into the unique energy that each person requires every session is different. Reiki has effectively helped imbalances as minor as bee stings to as complicated as terminal cancer.

More About Reiki
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means Universal life energy in Japanese. 'Rei' refers to the Universal Soul and 'Key' refers to Vital Energy. It is a natural, safe, effective hands on healing technique that helps restore equilibrium to the body's energy centers(chakras). When these energy centers are operating in balance, the body's ability to self-heal becomes restored.
When these energy centers are un-balanced our immune system becomes stressed and we can experience things like:
depression, stress, illness, anxiety, chronic headaches, chronic colds and flu, fatigue, insomnia
Often we ignore bodily signs that we are out of balance until diagnosed with something more serious.
Reiki successfully treats these imbalances. The energy field is brought into balance and the physical body  is able to heal more quickly. By keeping our energy field active, restored, and balanced we can achieve renewed health and a greater sense of well being.

Benefits of Reiki

*Healing and balancing
* Relieves stress
*Helps release phobias, fears.
* A very gentle treatment with a light touch
*Deep relaxation
*Stress Relief
*Pain Relief
* System Balancing
* Better Sleep
*Feel more joyful
*Enjoy peace of mind
*Symptom relief from illness and medical treatment
*Improves energy and vitality
*Immune system strengthening.