Types of Meditation

Meditation was not an intentional tradition, it was started accidentally, and now it is practiced for inner peace and harmony. Although it has some ties to different cultures and religions, it has less to do with faith. Based on an individual’s personality, mental health experts and spiritual leaders have divided them into various types. 

However, there is no right way to meditate; you develop the right way yourself. Therefore, you have to explore the various types and stick to the one that suits your personality best. 

  • Spiritual Meditation 
  • A spiritual person is the one that is always on the run to develop deep relations with himself and his God. So, therefore, spiritual meditation is somehow synonymous with it because it’s is also an act of seeking relations to God and the universe. 

    This type of meditation is the direct reflection of the prayer you perform in silence. It demands you to dive deeper into the silence to feel and appreciate the presence of God. Essential oils including sage, cedar, myrrh, and sandalwood are commonly used to boost spiritual growth and experience. Spiritual meditation is most commonly practiced in Hinduism, Christianity, and Daoism. 

  • Visualization Meditation 
  • If you have ever been to a beautiful hilly area, immersed deeply in nature, listened and felt the peace, you can have this feeling every time through visualization meditation. It’s a powerful technique that lets you enter deep into the world of visualization as if you are actually present in a soothing place. It brings a sense of calm, positivity and improves focus to its optimum.

    If you add as much detail you can using your five senses, making the scene vivid, you will feel the real benefit of this meditation. People usually follow this method of meditation to reduce stress and increase concentration span. It also has to do with building optimism and a positive attitude. 

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that involves bodily sensations to bring the mind into a state of full consciousness. The thoughts pass your brain, and you quickly have to pick them by paying attention. However, this meditation doesn’t demand you to judge your thoughts, or else things will get messed up. Instead, it’s the simple act of taking notes of the patterns and sequences happening in your brain. 

    This meditation doesn’t demand any instructor for guidance; an individual can practice himself with absolute focus. Mindfulness meditation is most commonly practiced in the West as it comes from Buddhist teachings. 

  • Mantra Meditation 
  • Mantra meditation is an act of producing repetitive sounds to extract all the negativity and impurities of the mind. The sounds can be either a good phrase, words, or a vibration like ‘Om.’ Mantra meditation is common in many traditions, including Buddhist and Hindu. 

    It doesn’t necessarily require your mantra to be loud; you can sing it deep in your heart too. However, after intonating it for some time, your heart and mind will ultimately become tuned with your internal environment. 

    During this act, you explore the deeper awareness and focus levels. It also relives your stressed state of mind because the impurities and apprehensions inside your mind come out with vocals.

  • Body-scan Meditation 
  • When you feel depressed, certain areas in your body, including your brain, undergoes a state of tension. This meditation has two components: first, to scan those areas and second, to relieve them. During this relaxation session, practitioners usually start from the foot and move through the body to the head. 

    You have to contract and relax your muscles and visualize a relieving wave drifting over your body. This meditation provides a soothing sensation, peace, and calmness. It works best to improve chronic pain and sleep cycles. 

    The Bottom Line 

    No type of meditation guarantees 100% of its benefits, but results depend on the way you perform. If you develop the right method, trust me, you will experience authentic alleviation. However, from all the types of meditations known today, you have to practice the one that makes you feel best.

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