"These are troubling times indeed.. but through our collective efforts we will embrace victory, I promise you."


Hi everyone, my name is Fernando Martinez and I would like to extend an invitation to those who have been affected by Covid-19 to experience a free Reiki session. There are minimal requirements to get your free session and is listed in the description section when scheduling your session.


With all of the craziness going on right now the last thing we need is people feeding into fear, let's remember that we as humans are in this together. Our days may seem cloudy at times, but we are notorious for our unyielding desire to overcome the impossible. Yeah, statistics may sound scary, but our health practitioners are still fighting to flatten the curve and so should you. That is why I am doing my part in the fight against COVID-19. I will be offering distance Reiki sessions to those affected by COVID-19. Below are the health benefits Reiki offers.

Pets can benefit greatly from Reiki as well. Pets are included in the free offer.

Benefits of Reiki
*Healing and balancing
*Helps release phobias, fears.
* A very gentle treatment with a light touch
*Deep relaxation
*Stress Relief
*Pain Relief
* System Balancing
* Better Sleep
*Feel more joyful
*Enjoy peace of mind
*Symptom relief from illness and medical treatment
*Improves energy and vitality
*Immune system strengthening.