Booth & Event Space, Insurance, Security & More…


Craft Con® has full time security at show site from move-in through move out and overnight. While security personnel are present, Craft Con® is not responsible for loss or theft. Please be aware of your surroundings, and do not leave items unattended. Secured storage is available for you, at no charge to hold items overnight. During move in, do not leave products exposed. Use table covers, place items in the secured storage locked room, or bring items in each morning with you. At the end of each day, cover your items, place in locked storage, or put them away and out of sight. Smaller items such as hats, stickers, t-shirts are easy targets, be sure to only place those items out while you have personnel in the booth. Do not leave computers, cell phones or personal bags/purses unattended at any time. Craft Con® will not be responsible for any theft at show site, if a theft occurs, contact Craft Con® Staff immediately, a venue report and police report can /will be produced and you may use these reports to notify and make claims with your insurance company.

Event insurance is inexpensive but mandatory to have for participation in all Craft Con® events.
Exhibitor is required to obtain and maintain through the last day of the event Agreement, liability and workers compensation insurance, each individual policy having coverage limits of the greater of either at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per person, Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) per aggregate event, or the coverage of the applicable venue contract.
A. Liability insurance must be comprehensive general liability insurance, covering claims for bodily injury, property damage, contractual
violations, and operation of mobile equipment, produce and liquor liability, if applicable.
B. Exhibitor is required by Craft Con® and Facility to name Craft Con® Trade Show, LLC and the The Commune LLC as additionally insured persons and a certificate holders on any policy obtained pursuant to this section.
C. It is mandatory that all event Exhibitors obtain and provide proof of additional insured endorsements, primary coverage endorsements, and complete copies of policies within sixty (60) days before the first scheduled day of Event. Please send copies of your policies.
D. All insurance must be obtained pursuant to an Agreement and shall be primary of any other insurance obtained by the Exhibitor and shall be written on an occurrence basis. Claims-made policies are/do not constitute compliance with this Agreement. is an insurance provider.


The Craft Con® Show will take place at The Commune in Downtown Portland

Expo 1:  These are individual glass rooms with 7’9″ ceilings. Each room can be locked. Exhibiting within Expo 1 is an ideal option for clients with valuables who wish to secure their space over night. Pop up tents are NOT allowed in Expo 1. Keys to rooms will be available to during set up. Nothing may rise above 7′ in Expo 1.

Expo 2: This Hall has ample lighting and 12′ ceilings. Sponsors may build up to 10’ high, no build/sign/tent may go above 10′.  All booth spaces will be provided with 8′ high black back and side drape. 10′ x 10′ Tents will be allowed. Tents larger than 10′ x 10′ will require pre approval, will need an approved fire alarm system and more; contact your Show Coordinator to assist with pre approval on large booth build outs and tents. Nothing may be hung from the ceilings or walls.

HEMP PAVILION: This Hall has ample lighting and 12′ ceilings. Sponsors may build up to 10’ high, no build/sign/tent may go above 10′. All exhibitors have a 10’ MAX height build for all structures, signs, tents, etc.   Nothing may be hung from the ceilings or walls.

The Commune has concrete floors. Please note, absolutely NOTHING is to be attached to the building walls or ceilings. Driving nails, tacks, staples or the use of tape on the buildings walls or ceilings is NOT permitted. Only freestanding displays are allowed. Any damages must be paid by Exhibitor prior to move-out.

Standard Booth: A standard booth is one 6ft (length) x 30in (wide) booth. Only freestanding displays are allowed.

End Booth / Corner Booth: An end booth is a standard booth bordered by aisles or openings on two sides. Only freestanding displays are allowed.

Booth Height:  If an extension or increase of height is needed, please note the following: (1) graphics/signs are limited to company name/logo (no sample sale signs, discounts, show specials, etc.); (2) the exhibit is a professionally constructed display and does not present a safety hazard; (3) all sides of the additional height are finished and back side cannot include company name/product, etc. or anything that would interfere with neighboring exhibits; (4) a maximum of 10’ will be allowed for a booth build, signage, etc. and no product will be allowed above 9’; (5) show management has sole discretion to require any displays to be lowered at any time during the show move-in or during the show.

Space Assignment Requests: All space assignments will be considered based on what will be best for the Exhibitor and the Show as a whole. Location requests will be honored when possible.

Swag / Demonstrations: Feel free to distribute swag or samples, but please note nothing with Cannabis or THC may be sold, distributed or consumed on Show site. Please do provide product demonstrations, provide samples and have fun.

It is illegal to distribute, consume or purchase any THC products at the Craft Con® Trade Show.