I am excited to introduce you to Cosmocraft. We are a new organization that has been launched to bring people together through a holistic healing experience at our soon-to-be holistic healthcare clinic! As some of you may know, I am the CEO of Cosmocraft and have extensive knowledge regarding the art of healing. My talents reside in past life regressions, quantum healing hypnosis, guided meditations and chakra aligning/balancing. I have helped heal over a hundred clients with one of my case studies being published on QuantumHealers. I hold a certificate in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) provided by the Dolores Cannon Academy.


Offering holistic healing solutions to my clients has not only been a personal goal of mine, but has also motivated my clients to adopt a healthier long-term spiritual lifestyle. Here at Cosmocraft's Holistic Healthcare Clinic we believe in miracles because the proof is in the pudding! We work with clients to gain spiritual attainment by providing a tried and true curriculum for our clients to follow. We take ourselves very seriously when it comes to the spiritual well being of others. As I continue to be humbled by the love my community expresses, I would like to return the favor by offering a better location for their holistic health solutions. My sessions are currently being held a 300 sqft studio apartment downtown LA. I feel really bad when I offer my very small home to such wonderful people. In order for me to continue healing and providing guidance for the LA community, I would like to open Cosmocraft's holistic healthcare clinic. We are reaching out to ask you to consider making a donation to our mission.


Cosmocraft is at a pivotal stage in development –we require funding. Without outside funding the clinic will not happen. If we receive $25 or more from 400 people we will achieve our goal of  $10,000. My partner and I have invested 5k each and are so close! Help us reach our goal. 


There are a couple ways to donate:

1. You can donate by credit/debit card online at the link provided HERE.

2. If you prefer, you can also donate by check. Please send contributions to

Fernando Martinez at 123 South Figueroa St. Apt 844A Los Angeles, California 90012. Checks should be made payable to Fernando Martinez, with ‘Funds For Cosmocraft Clinic’ in the memo line.


Contributions for the charitable purposes of Cosmocraft must be made payable to “Fernando Martinez”. Our projected opening date is Sunday, November 3rd 2019


Other ways you may be able to help: Remote volunteering (skills), non-cash or in kind donations, partnering, or even just spreading the word.


Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Fernando Martinez
Chief Executive Officer