Amethyst healing wand | Royal | Scepter | Blasting Rod | Caduceus | Divining | Magic | Pagan

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Feast your pretty eyes on this magical Amethyst gemstone wand...a great size!

Crafted to perfection, it's violet stone core has been faceted all around and feels amazing in your hand. Laid on top are seven colored stones representing the body's chakras or spiritual points.

On one end is a Crystal Quartz point, sparkling bright. On the other is a small sphere, also Crystal Quartz.

AMETHYST has been coveted for ages as a protective talisman as it wards off negative energy.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ is known to be the most powerful meditation stones; good for concentration.

This wand would be a great addition to any healer's collection; its energy is quite impressive. It adds immense vibrations to crystal grids and a sense of overall well-being to it's possessor. You can sit this piece on your altar, bedside table or work space as well!

6.75" long x .75" wide

Please be sure to view all of the photos on this vintage beauty so that you can fully appreciate all of her natural inclusions and coloration.