Elder Futhark - Mannaz

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Magical workings:

1. Realization of the divine structure in mankind.

2. Increase in intelligence, memory, and mental powers generally.

3 . Balancing the "poles of personality."

4. Unlocking the hugauga, the "mind's eye."



Mannaz is the mystery of the divine (archetypal) structure in every individual and in mankind in general. This structure is imparted by the god Heimdallr as the progenitor of mankind. This is described in the "Rigsthula" of the Elder Edda . In this poem it is told how Rfgr (Heimdallr) engendered the archetypal members of the three social functions in the world of men-the Provider, the Warrior, and the Priest-King-which reflect the three levels of the divine structure. Heimdallr is indeed Odhinn in one of his many guises, that of the AllFather (Alfadhir). The M-rune is the symbol of Heimdallr as the genetic link between the gods and men, and as the guardian of Bifrost. This is the rune that describes the Germanic peoples as being descended from their divine order and defines mankind as the progeny of the gods. It is the mystery of humanity and represents the runic structure in the soul of man. Mannaz is the power of human intelligence, rationality, memory, and tradition. It is the stave of the "perfected man" -the complete human being-an initiate in one of the many cults of the Elder Faith. Mannaz is an androgynous archetypal being, and therefore the mystery is one that embodies the power of the androgyne in the psychological sphere of humanity. The M-rune stands for the institution of blood brotherhood.