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Deviant Moon Taro Deck, by Patrick Valenza, is inspired by childhood dreams and was thirty years in the making. Brilliantly stylized with rich and vibrant colors. Fantastical, distinctive, and sometimes disturbing moonlit artworks incorporates and shapeshifts textured images of graveyards, tombstones and insane asylums into bizarrely beautiful humanoid characters set against derelict industrial scenes and grimy skies.

With Deviant Moon Tarot, artist and storybook illustrator Patrick Valenza has an extraordinary way of honoring the Rider-Waite heritage and remaining true to its tradition even while offering up a uniquely surreal and elegantly unsettling approach.

It's a deck designed to illuminate the deeper parts of the subconscious, born of nightmares and the deep inner workings of the shadow side of life. Exploring the dark side of the subconscious, the Deviant Moon Tarot features stylized artwork intended to add a haunting and surreal quality to your Tarot readings. Includes 78 cards and guidebook.

Aeclectic Tarot readers voted Deviant Moon "Top Tarot Deck of All Time."

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