Elder Futhark - Ansuz

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Magical workings:

1. Increase of both active and passive magical powers and clairvoyant abilities, etc.

2. Convincing and magnetic speech, and the power of suggestion and hypnosis.

3 . Acquisition of creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy, and divine communication.

4. Banishing of death and terror through knowledge of Odhinn.



Ansuz is the mysterium tremendum of the rune row. The A-rune is instrumental in the creation of mankind. It describes two of the several spiritual gifts given to Askr and Embla (the primal man and woman) by the gods Odhinn, Hrenir, and Lodhurr (a threefold aspect of the god Odhinn). These gifts were and or anda (breath, spirit, animating life principle) and odhr (inspired mental activity, inspiration). This is the stave of Odhinn as the numinous god of magic and of ecstasy.  Ansuz is the receiver-container/transformer-expresser of spiritual power and numinous knowledge. This force is received from the AEsir and transformed in humanity to be reexpressed toward the multiverse in magical and religious acts. This ecology of power works in tandem with that described by Odhinn's reception of rune wisdom and subsequent expression of that wisdom to mankind. The A-rune encompasses the medium through which numinous knowledge is received, the container of that power, and the force itself, which is manifested as the ecstatic state. This container-contained equation is common for symbols of the inspired or ecstatic state. In Norse mythology the poetic mead of inspiration and the vessel in which it is contained are both known by the name Othroerir (the exciter of inspiration). This is the ecstasy that leads to the formation of a body of lore and wisdom. This is the rune of the word, song, poetry, and magical incantation (galdr) as a container and expresser of magical force . Ansuz is a magical ancestral power, one that has been handed down from generation to generation along genetic lines. The ancient Germanic peoples knew that they were "descended from their Gods," as the genealogies of their kings, heroes, and clanic chieftains show. The power link between gods and men was, for them, unbroken. It remains so. Through the power of this rune the realization of the link between the ancestral gods and their people may be regained. This is an ecstatic concept that complements the more stable, institutional force of Othala . The A-rune embodies the death mysteries of the AEsir.