Elder Futhark - Perthro

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Magical workings:

1. Perception of Orlog

2. Divination.

3. Placing runic forces in the stream of Nornic law.

4. To evolve ideas or events as a magical act.



Perlhro is a cultic symbol for the force of Orlog functioning throughout the multiverse and the way in which men and gods may investigate its workings. Orlog is most often translated by the word "fate," but this is much too simplistic and unfortunately loaded with connotations of "predestination" and "predetermination" of the type found in Christian dogma. This sense is totally lacking in the Norse term. Orlog literally means "primal layers"; that is, the layers (ON log: " laws") of past or former action indicated by the prefix "OR", which signifies the most primal or basic form of something in time or space. These self-determined layers of past action are the laws by which gods and men are governed. These are not the immutable laws of nature but rather the immutable laws by which the laws of wights are formed by past action and by precedent. This cosmic principle is at the root of Germanic common law. Clearly, it is a concept much akin to that expressed by the Sanskrit karma and is contrary to the Judeo-Christian predestination. . The P-rune contains the mystery of the Nornic laws. The Nornir are the medium through which action is received and transmuted into a projectable but essentially unaltered form and returned to the sphere from which that action was received. This is the rune of time, and this idea is also expressed by the Nornir. Their names are Urdhr, Verdhandi, and Skuld (Urdhr, " that which has become"; Verdhandi, "that which is becoming"; Skuld, " that which should become"-a non-past/present concept). Nornic force defines an aspect of the laws of cause and effect in the multiverse, and as such, an understanding of this force is indispensable in the working of runecraft. The mystery of divination, and of synchronicity, is central to the P-rune. By the art of divination the vitki is able to investigate personal or transpersonal Orlog and become aware of the Skuld-force, as well as the influences of Urdhr and Verdhandi. Perthro is the great pattern of cosmic becoming, which should be understood according to the principles outlined above. It represents the paradigm along which resistance (Nauthiz) between forces is organically governed and balanced. The P-rune is perceived as a constant change-that always remains the same.