Elder Futhark - Uruz

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Magical workings:

1. Shaping and forming circumstances creatively through will and inspiration.

2 . Healing and maintenance of good mental and physical health.

3. Bringer of fortunate circumstances.

4. Induction of magnetic earth streams.

5. Realization of causality.

6. Knowledge and understanding of the self.



The U-rune is the mother of manifestation. In the mythology this is represented by the great cow Audhumla, which licked a great icy block of salt in order to form the primal androgyne Buri. Also, she was the source of sustenance for the cosmic giant Ymir. Audhumla was herself formed from the dripping rime produced when the world fire met the world ice. This is also the unmanifested energized essence from which the cosmic ice and Audhumla were originally formed. Uruz is the patterning and formulating power in the multiverse, the source of the ordering principles that lead to the final formulation of the world. The U-rune is the unmanifested pattern of matter (contrast with the antimatter nature of isa). This is the cosmic seed, the world force analogous to the semen virile. It contains the mystery of the formulation of the self, a composite paradigm of all the aspects of the psychosomatic complex, just as the multiverse is framed from the various worlds. Uruz is the forming force, not the form itself (see the H-rune). The U-rune is the shaping power that defines the origin and destiny of all things. This mystery may be demonstrated through the shape of the stave. Uruz is the eternal reservoir of archetypal patterning. Because of its shaping power, uruz is a rune symbolizing wisdom and lore, as the pattern of preserved tradition that is sprung from the natural order. Just as this indicates a healthy society (one in accordance with natural order), so too is this a rune of good physical health in the personal realm. The U-rune promotes strong and harmonious organic systems. It is the rune of vital strength and virility.