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Healing Hypnosis Testimonials

It’s my absolute joy and honor to recommend Fernando Martinez.  What stood out to me the most throughout my experience with him is his absolute passion for people- he would not only look out for people physically but more importantly spiritually.
I always enjoyed spending time with Fernando and got to know him as a very precious resource for anyone who needed help. He's truthful, trustworthy, and unimaginably dedicated. He is also an impressive dilemma solver who will always rectify complex issues and topics with initiative and respect. Fernando is motivated by and never bullied by challenges.
His knowledge of the body, mind, and soul has aided him along with his remarkable strengths on his quest to help those around him with their own personal journeys towards optimal health and wellness.
Along with his unequivocal talent, Fernando’s passion for people inspires his clients to be passionate about their own lives. If people are flowers, then Fernando is the watering can. He is nurturing and confident with his guidance for others.
Without a shadow of a doubt, I confidently recommend Fernando to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to their health. When they look to Fernando they will see a staple of someone whose passion and purpose is to help people help themselves, he gives them the boost they need to grow and will always value his friendship and the gifts he helps them find in the world and more importantly in their heart and soul.


“What an amazing session, the most important insight from the session was the knowledge about the connection to my soul and the importance of holding my own power. I need to bring conscious awareness about my need to connect to that deeper part of me. I found it useful the insight that all challenges are an opportunity for growth. I got a clear sense of the people in my soul group.

I now feel like I am not a victim to life. I found it interesting that all the people in my soul group were specifically learning about power and being strong willed. Which in our language we say empowerment. This is my main learning for this life time. I felt everything is interconnected, endless possibilities are now open to me."


This man is an angel. I very much enjoyed having Fernando's Group Regressions at my downtown studio in LA -Peace Yoga Gallery. His ability to connect with the audience through his unique visuals is definitely noteworthy! AND he brought in new potential clients! He's great for business.

Cheri Rae Russel