Celestial Style Fashion Week

Experienced in all things production!

Fernando Martinez was the Production Manager for Style Fashion Week for over 5 years and has been working in the industry for over 10 years producing shows across the globe in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Springs and Dubai. During Fernando's tenure with SFW as their Production Manager, the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, recognized our team's drive for excellence and was awarded the title of the 'Official Fashion Week of Los Angeles. 

From the Production Manager that brought you the official fashion week of Los Angeles

From the crew to you..

Our team is PASSIONATE! We work day and night to produce some of the most anticipated fashion events from around the world. With prior experience producing shows in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Dubai. We are ready to introduce ourselves to the fashion forward community of NE Portland.

Our team is COMMITTED! While the end results of a show are stunning, our team is continuously working behind the scenes to bring our sponsors major media exposure. Past shows have surpassed the billions in media impressions! We've revamped our style to include a new celestial theme and to hopefully usher in a new trend of celestial styled apparel to the people of NE Portland.

We mean BUSINESS. While working for you, we also work for the community. Whenever we produce a show, we help raise the local economic output in tourism monies for the local businesses of Portland. -Not to mention the value you receive from utilizing our world class platform for brand exposure! Learn How.

We are proud to announce that we are shifting our vision to promote more of an 'Astrological' feel and theme to our runways. It is a privilege and honor to introduce to you our next project influenced by naturally occurring astrological events... Celestial Style Fashion Week!