Astrology today: Mars and its effects

Mars is the warrior Lord, whereas the Sun is the luminary King. Mars is sheer raw power backed by courage and it does not see nor does it recognize karma as Saturn does. So both planets are  considered as extreme adversaries. Saturn is the teacher, who keeps a check on our present or past life karmas which we have knowingly or unknowingly accured.  Lord Saturn works to balance our karmic debts to help liberate us from the karmic cycle.

A dire question remains, Why do certain planets conflict with one another? Can’t they share a harmonious balance or potentially the same house?  Can there be mutual agreements between these planets? Definitely something to ponder, however the answer  can be subjective as well as objective. All planets have different behavioral patterns they exhibit, yet strikingly different from each other  (similar to as two human do not act in a similar manner). Depending on placements, aspects and houses they all have their energetic signature that may act in discordance. For example Saturn & Mars will not make a harmonious balance as Saturn strives towards balancing our past karmas. And Mars just so happens to contest Saturn, Mars is an aggressive planet by nature; he won’t understand the the purpose of balancing karma.  Instead, his narrow mindedness will make you more aggressive in achieving your ambitions by any means possible. Superimposing control or not accepting of what is, will provoke Saturn to be unsuccessful in its purpose. That is why Mars is termed as, " Sarva karma virodhaka " So there is a clash of traits between both Planets Where Saturn is balanced, stable and observant Mars is aggressive and impulsive, He wants results immediately.. 

Saturn makes us accept our lives event as part of past life karma. Take suffering as being punished for past karma and wait for divine timing among the planets . Our Karmic Map or Natal chart is the mirror of our present life consisting of different houses and planetary positions that point us to the growth and huddles we would be facing during our life’s journey.

 Whereas Mars doesn't let us wait for divine timing. As per his traits, it's do or die and urgency is their formula. The warrior will be ready for any fight, argument, responsibility or risky tasks so be very careful not to be too adventurous without caring about repercussions. Mars may win or lose. Mars aspected or affected by some malefic planet will cause self inflected pain.

With Mars in the North node, most of the time, a person will think he/she is always right and will never accept fault despite multiple failures. This person can be extreme in nature and not easy to convince nor are they accepting of change. But they can be great achievers taking on lot of hurt and damage to achieve their goals, even though they may hurt other’s feeling in this process. Goddess  Durga (Shakti, Maa Kali) is the Lord of strength, courage, warriors and victory. 

Warriors, army, police and authorities are because of Mars. He will not do anything unless there is an extreme reaction and will jump into action. If the transit is particularly bad, be cautious as repercussions are volatile. Potential violence, fire, attacks, blasts, mechanical, assault etc (on human  Natal/Global) Mars fights for its dignity  & existence. 

Mars can be controlled by the development of self control. It's possible that anger can be controlled by reasoning, patience and delayed action for reflection. A good assessment of the situation will bring about a more effective resolution. Mar’s quick temper causes many fights or verbal disagreements. However, try not to blame mars as his transitions brings changes in our life as well an overall effect on  many of the world’s events.  These transits affect our natal chart so we should be empowered by the knowledge of our chart by a competitive source. It keeps us  prepared for such transits (In Vedic it is called Remedial Astrology). A good Mars and Moon complimented with Saturn makes for a phenomenal sportsman. Mars and Moon depicts strength complimenting determination and Saturn’s natural patience


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