06/05/2020  This Week's Astrology Report on Planetary Influences affecting your zodiac sign

Each of us has a personal journey and story right now, but the current global story is meant to awaken us to the truth - that we are all interconnected – human to human, human to animal, and human and animal to plants and the earth. We are all making great adjustments and changes in our daily lives during this time of upheaval and transformation. May we all awaken to our highest potential.

   It took 500 years to get here when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn. Back in time, 500 years ago, the peoples of Mexico had to face the fact that Cortez was not a “GOD” and this time we are facing the fact that governments and politician’s cover-up truths. Pluto is going to help us to penetrate to the truth, Saturn is teaching us to be realistic and to be wary of deceptions. There are a lot of inequalities but once Saturn is fully in Aquarius starting in January 2021, we will make important changes for all walks of life, all cultures, races and religions.


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Aries (March 21 - April 19)













The Moon continues its transit of your intimacy sector and then moves into your adventure sector today. While there, the Moon harmonizes with Saturn, and you seek safety or an emotional anchor. Saturn’s current transit of your sector of friendships, networking, business income, and goal-setting demands some simplifying and perhaps some pruning work. Today, you’re emotionally geared to focus on these priorities. You can feel quite motivated and organized. You may not even need a clear direction to inspire you — you simply seek to do something constructive. You also benefit from an influence that leads you to interesting discoveries, particularly about home or domestic matters. You might seek alternative methods that work well. Even so, there is a tendency for people to confront one another about touchy topics. While it can be a little messy, it can be useful to address problem areas.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)













While emotions are heightening with a lunar eclipse set to occur tomorrow, today’s energies help ground you. You might solve a complex problem or uncover a resource that helps you tremendously. Or, this can simply be a time when being productive is satisfying in its own right. The Moon continues its transit of your partnership sector, and then moves into your intimacy sector, harmonizing with Saturn while there. You’re a little more serious than usual, and it suits you to focus on practical priorities right now. You’re interested in making things run more smoothly, and you’re looking at the important details that need attention. There is a stronger sense of what is good for you, not just what you want. You seem to be able to satisfy both your needs to play it safe and venture out into new situations. You might entertain new ideas and seek out more meaning from your experiences. Still, sensitive topics are likely to emerge, or something you hear or say hits a nerve. While it can be a bit messy, addressing the issue can work in your favor.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)













The Moon continues its transit of your work and health setor and then heads into your partnership sector today. As the day advances, you begin to focus more on your social life, feelings, or relationships. Still, you know the value of getting practical things done today as the Moon harmonizes with Saturn. You might do your best thinking and reflecting with a partner or good friend today. The focus may be on the more positive and useful or practical side of your connections, and energy is steady. Still, we’re heading toward a Lunar Eclipse, and emotions tend to heighten. It’s a good time for developing your talents, working on a money-making venture, or putting effort into finding something lost or hidden. You might decide to work out an issue that’s been bothering you. You might make progress on a problem, but people can be sensitive, and you might inadvertently open up another Pandora’s box in the process. Uncomfortable topics can emerge, but this also challenges you to put a grudge or insecurity behind you, whether these belong to you or someone else.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)













The Moon continues its transit of your sector of love and pleasure and then heads into your work and health sector. You can be especially interested in doing your best as the day advances and the Moon harmonizes with Saturn. You can be quite happy to make improvements. There are solutions to problems to be found today, and they’re very practical ones. Efforts to organize and minimize debt get powerful support now. Still, we are building towards a Lunar Eclipse, and emotions run high later today and tomorrow. You’re in good shape for expressing yourself, particularly on technical levels, and as you feel a little freer and detached enough to express yourself, you make progress. Even so, people can be sensitive, and your own sensitivity can creep up on you when you least expect it. Whether you decide to choose your words carefully or assert yourself and deal with the consequences, it’s a time for considering problem areas.


Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)













The Moon continues its transit of your home and family sector and then heads into your sector of love and pleasure. Today’s energies can be fun, but it’s even better if you apply structure and assign meaning to your pleasures, such as to a creative pursuit. The Moon and Saturn harmonize, encouraging you to make the most of your time, even if the focus is on enjoyment. You’re coming out of your shell after a couple of days of some cocooning, and you can feel a growing need to mingle, reach out, share, and express your affections. A relationship may be motivating you to better yourself or do your best, or you might gain some helpful insight into a friend’s situation. Later today, be sure to break the routine even just a little to enjoy some breakthrough thinking. As we approach a Lunar Eclipse and a Mercury-Chiron challenge, it’s important to consider that we’re all a little sensitive, and opening up certain topics can end up using up far more energy than you might first expect.


Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)













The Moon continues its transit of your communications sector and then heads into your home and family sector today. You might crave variety, but then seek more time and space to digest and process as the day advances. Still, you can have a strong desire to be productive on the home front or with family with today’s Moon-Saturn transit. You’re inclined to follow the rules and stick with traditional or tried-and-true methods, but later today, you’re opening your mind to alternatives. Your practical cleverness draws others to you today. You’re also in a wonderful position to gain an advantage in your work. It’s a good time for learning new skills, particularly of a technical or scientific nature. There may be some disconnects to manage, but nothing you can’t handle. Be particularly aware of what you say and of your own soft spots.


Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)













The Moon continues to transit your resources sector and then moves into your communications sector today. You’re feeling out your needs for connecting, getting around, and pursuing your mental interests as the day advances. As the Moon harmonizes with Saturn, you are speaking with decisiveness or authority and arriving at some meaningful conclusions. It’s a fine time to teach or guide others and to learn something constructive. Saturn’s current transit is a stabilizing force in your life, as you’re more aware of your responsibilities and feel more able to meet them. We’re heading toward a Lunar Eclipse that will occur tomorrow, and emotions are rising. New ideas and alternative methods can be inspiring today and tomorrow. Research can turn up something interesting or valuable, and business can get a boost as a result. There is outstanding energy for updating a project, mainly related to career or business, and a great love of research. You’ll recognize ways you might communicate that work against you, and making adjustments based on these insights makes sense.


Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)













The Moon continues to transit your sign and then moves into your resources sector today, harmonizing with Saturn while there. This influence can be a prompt to get a good handle on your money, valuables, or resources. You may gain a distinct edge related to family, home, or finances. You could be working at making your home life more secure. You’re tuning into those things that ground you, make you feel secure, and keep you focused on the moment. Also today, conversations can be very fruitful and even inspiring. Sharing a similar viewpoint, or even an entirely new one, can help strengthen a bond. News may arrive that stirs your inner spirit. You are more expressive than usual and in the mood to learn or teach. Even so, we can be sensitive or easily triggered, and it may be necessary to be more precise than usual about your boundaries.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)













The Moon continues its transit of your privacy sector, and then moves into your sign today. You can be withdrawn and then feel a surge of emotional energy. You could be motivated to improve and advance. Constructive conversations are likely now as the Moon harmonizes with Saturn in your communications sector and an up-and-coming Mercury-Uranus transit. Your personal impact is strong, and you’re coming across authoritatively or responsibly. An intellectual adventure might interest and excite you. Health and work can show signs of improvement, fueling your good mood. You can accomplish far more than usual when you feel this dedicated. There can be some doubts to deal with regarding ideas and the ability to communicate your feelings effectively in spots, and physical outlets for stress may be useful.


Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)













The Moon continues to transit your social sector and then moves into your privacy sector today. You might naturally shift your focus and prefer to keep a low profile as the day advances. There’s good energy with you for doing some sorting, particularly on practical levels. You may be taking care of loose ends on a financial or business matter, for example. Aim to do some catch-up work or give yourself some form of a break. You may need to withdraw a little from the mainstream to recenter yourself. It’s a time to sit with your feelings and stay very much anchored in the present thanks to a Moon-Saturn connection. Also today, your ideas tend to attract or draw others to you. Changes of plans may turn out to be quite fun, inviting spontaneity into your life.


Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)













The Moon continues its transit of your responsibility sector and then moves into your social sector today, connecting with Saturn in your sign while there. You might enjoy pursuing a cause or personal interest that’s dear to your heart. You want to be useful and productive, but you also want to have some fun. You have a good sense of your capabilities, which can be helpful as we’re on the verge of a Lunar Eclipse that can have the effect of expanding emotions, blurring things a little. Someone may be leaning on you for support or strength today, and your goals are strong and realistic. There might also be a psychic rapport with others, or you can have a powerful sense of trends influencing your interactions and projects. You do quite well in your communications, and work or health-related ideas and methods can be notably progressive and useful. Still, conversations or interactions can challenge you to face certain insecurities, particularly with communication or knowledge.


Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)













The Moon continues to transit your spirit sector and then heads into your career and responsibility house today. You get the chance to take care of outstanding problems and loose emotional ends. You’re in good shape for work, organization, and practical solutions to problems. You’re beginning to focus more on practical application than learning new things or enjoying new experiences. You might try out a new way of handling emotions or family life that succeeds quite nicely. Taking on a project that you once felt wasn’t interesting may now serve to surprise you, as it can be far more rewarding than you had imagined. You’re also in good shape for catching on to new thought waves or trends, making your communications particularly timely and appreciated. You enjoy the people in your life a little more than usual now. Sharing ideas can strengthen a relationship. You can take particular pleasure in expressing your more unorthodox views, and fortunately, others are listening. Still, people can be quite sensitive today and tomorrow, which means conversations can go in a very different direction quite quickly. Ideally, they lead to a better understanding of yourself or a situation.

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