Astrology and Children   :

Kids  are  the most important part of every individual’s life whether he or she irrespective of caste , creed ,religion or generation gap ..So you can imagine, children and fertility was of great interest in the middle ages (it still is today, of course) and so there are a number of astrological techniques designed to predict the number and sex of the offspring. However, I must emphasize that these techniques are based on 17th Century Medical Ability. In the 17th Century (and earlier, even some of these techniques date back to ancient Greece) we had no fertility drugs, and no pre-natal and post-natal care. At best, today, these techniques should be viewed as an indication of how  easy it may be to conceive a child, not whether or not it is possible in the first place.

All of these techniques rely on assessing the dignity or strength of the planets in question. If the planets are strong, well-dignified, well-aspected, and free from the evil influences of Mars and Saturn (the malefic in classical astrology), this would be a positive indication of children. If the planets are debilitated or afflicted in any way, this would, conversely, be an indication that children are probably not in the future. Also: these techniques can be applied to anyone’s chart, regardless of gender. Even though men don’t bear children, they do “have” them. It does, after all (or at least it did in the 17th century) take two people to make a child. It helps if both of them are predisposed to fertility.

The 5th house is the house of children, and the simplest approach is to start out by looking at the sign on the 5th house and the ruler of the 5th house and determining if they are in fruitful signs. The “Fruitful” signs are the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Ascendant, the ruler of the Ascendant, the 5th house cusp, or the ruler of the 5th in a water sign is an indication of fertility. Cancer  scorpio Pisces  The barren signs are  Aries Gemini, Leo and Virgo. Taurus and Capricorn libra Aquarius Sagittarius are sometimes considered to be “moderately fruitful.

Now Chips in the most important factor which planets are favorable for having children .I would start with Lord Jupiter . The Expansionist, the main planet which is responsible for children,(the word expansionist ) is self explanatory so its joyful happy fun loving  playful  positive and creative ,all  of  these directs you to fertility one way or other .Venus is luxury lust and relationship were as Moon make you emotional and indulgence and also North node gives kids if in 5th house. The Barren Planets are Saturn, Mars, the Sun, and the South Node. Finding, for example, Jupiter and Venus in the 5th house would be an indication of children, while Saturn or Mars  would tend to deny them. Saturn restricts growth, so children delayed and Mars at times gives more miscarriage so it becomes bit of a challenge to conceive. Again other variables do play a part in this as nothing in a natal chart can be seen in isolation.  

It is common for a couple or individual to aspire to have children. It has been understood as  Progeny appears very easy for some people yet very difficult for others. Some find it easy to have multiple children yet others find it difficult to have only one child.

 Jupiter is the key significator  . A strongly placed Jupiter in the horoscope promotes progeny.  Exalted Jupiter, Jupiter in a friendly sign and Jupiter associated with or aspecting the fifth house or the owner of the fifth house yields good progeny.

The fifth house of the horoscope signifies children. An inherently powerful fifth house by way of friendly aspects by soft planets like Moon, Venus and Jupiter are known to deliver good progeny. A strong fifth house way of bindus contributed in Ashtakvarga also contributes to betterment in progeny.

 The owner of the fifth house should not be debilitated, retrograde or combusted. The owner of the fifth house should have a good placement in the horoscope and aspected by benefits.

  Venus governs the sperm count in the male body and seminal liquid in the female body. Venus should be free from any kind of afflictions like debilitation, retrogression, combustion or negative influence by North node and south node..

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