8" Twisted RoseWood Healing wand | Scepter | Altar Tool | Blasting Rod | Caduceus | Divining | Magic | Pagan | Witch | Druid

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Allow the incredible healing power of this beautiful Twisted Rosewood Healing Wand aid you in your magickal spell work and rituals. Rosewood has long been revered for its highly spiritual, nurturing energies. It's excellent for any type of healing, protection, or divination magick. Each wand has been hand carved in a twisted, spiral design and wrapped in wire. A translucent quartz crystal point has been attached to the tip, while the grip contains a crystal sphere. This is a perfect first wand for new practitioners. Please allow for slight variations, as these are hand carved items using natural materials. The wands are gathered by the sculptors and sustainably harvested locally.

This wand is made from from the Rosewood tree which can be found all over the world, predominantly in the U.S. The finish is clear mineral oil and natural beeswax to enhance but not change the natural beauty of this wood. The wand measures 8 inches.