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Material: Triple Moon Grinder



In every BundleCraft Box, there is an assortment of beautiful new treasures for everyone to love. Each box contains specifically curated and locally sourced goodies that every practitioner could use from, baby witches to the supreme, we have it all for you in our BundleCraft Boxes!


Experience the wonderful cosmic feeling of mystery EVERY ORDER, too many times have I received "Randomized" subscription boxes, only to be disappointed that I've received nearly every item at least TWICE! Not this time! Cosmocraft's BundleCraft Boxes come with a naturally sourced Focus Stone inscribed with a power word that alternates every order, along with 2 palmstones derived from various crystals to help you along your journey.

Crystals will be similar to the photos and selected at random, approximately 1-2 Inch crystals. some examples (aragonite, black tourmaline, rhodonite, lepidolite, black obsidian, rose quartz, green aventurine, carnelian, tiger's eye, fluorite, ruby fuchsite, amethyst, quartz, pyrite, jasper, malachite, selenite, and more!)


BuncleCraft Boxes come with:

-Herb Grinder

This wooden herb grinder is the perfect addition to your kitchen magick crafts, helping you to create your spell mixes. 3"

-3 White 6" Taper Candles

Often associated with peace, purity, and spirituality, white taper candles are the color of the moon, and are therefore also often associated with the feminine divine.

-1 Focus Stone

Rub in your palm, hold in your hand, keep in your pocket or keep the inspiration of the stone anywhere around your aura. Also excellent as a gift for many reasons.

-2 Palmstones

Perfect pocket stone to use as a meditation focus you can carry anywhere

-1 black & 1 White Feather

This plain white feather can be quite useful within your ritual magick. Use it by itself as a fan for smudging rituals, or trim it down to make a traditional pen for use in written magick


This black feather can be trimmed as an old fashion ink pen or used in smudging, and is great for all varieties of magick.

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