Q Shaman identified and swiftly refuted by the esoteric community

WASHINGTON - Two days ago on January 6, 2021 Wednesday afternoon, a premeditated attack erupted at the Whitehouse enabling thousands of right-wing extremists and ex-militia to freely gain access to the country's innermost sanctuary in an attempt desecrate the meaning of democracy domestically and abroad.

Nancy Pelosi is seen grabbing her mask and running for her life with the rest of the delegates as the capitol is breached by the violent gang pillaging their way through the main corridor destroying everything in their path. The nightmare continued to unfold as the right-wing propaganda machine began to stir to life as republican mouthpeace Sarah Palin, far-right Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood who has since been banned from twitter for inciting violence all started pushing a fabricated false flag narrative that Antifa was to blame for all the violence and destruction. Among their meager attempts to offer up "evidence" were photos of Arizona QAnon supporter Jake Angeli, who is commonly recognized by his shamanistic presence at pro-Trump rallies and far-right anti-lockdown protests. When interviewed, he himself was appalled at being mistaken for Antifa, tweeting, "I'm a Qanon & digital soldier. My name is Jake & I marched with the police & fought against BLM & ANTIFA in PHX." However, in the photos he is identified by three very distinct tattoos covering his left side torso that sparked anger and controversy among the esoteric community.

The flags emblazoned with "Jesus 2020" and the cross, the most easily recognizable symbol of Christianity, were hard to miss amid the mob of President Trump Supporters who stormed the Capitol grounds and, eventually, the building itself. But they were't the only religious symbols that appeared during the siege Wednesday (Jan. 6) in Washington, D.C." Religion News Service

The horned man sported mjolnir, or Thor's Hammer, on his stomach, and image of Yggdrasil, or Tree of Life, etched around his upper chest, and most auspiciously, placed right above his heart, a valknut, or "knot of the slain," an old Norse runic symbol in an attempt to tarnish their symbolism and reattribute their meaning in conjunction with "white supremacy". In fact, the term "heathens' is said to be code for self-proclaimed white supremacy-aligned pagans. "In addition, the mjolnir has become a symbol of identity among self-proclaimed “heathens” (code for white supremacy-aligned pagans). RollingStone


The mjolnnir on its own isn't necessarily cause for alarm, given its popularity among modern pagans and disciples of Norse Mythology, however there does seem to be a general consensus that during this time of great change our symbols and the freedoms they represent seem to be under siege. Understandably, many pagans are mortified by the way supremacists have co-opted their religious and cultural icons and twisted them into symbols of hate. If Angeli wasn't so obviously aligned with anti-Semitic far-right extremists politics, the tattoos on his body wouldn't carry so much weight, but since he is, he seems to be promoting different styles of white supremacist symbolism. The right's attempt to paint him as a member of the esoteric community is almost as funny as Angeli is detached from reality.



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