Fine print in Coronavirus spending bill forces US DOD to declassify special access projects

As if 2021 didn't start off weird enough with a rather strange horned man appropriating occult culture and storming the capitol in Washington DC howling like he just saw a full moon *overexaggerated eye roll... its about to get a whole lot more perplexing. The second government funding bill that Congress passed at the end of December, which included the $900bn coronavirus stimulus, contained an instruction for the director of national intelligence and secretary of defense to release a report on UAP's (unidentified aerial phenomena) in six months time. How this not-very-small detail was overlooked? No one is exactly sure. However the Department of Defense had previously uploaded the exact same data in a data dump of declassified special access projects back in the 80's thanks to a decade long court battle initiated by John Greenwald Jr, who dedicated much of his efforts in making disclosure a reality. According to The Guardian "The document dump comes just as UFOs – or, as the US government calls them, unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – seem to have caught the attention of lawmakers in Congress."

The previously classified documents had "technically" been public information since the 80's as they were placed on 3 computers in a single public library in Maryland with timed usage. You can view the abundance of open source information about UAPs via The Black VaultThe former US senator Harry Reid, who was at the helm of previous efforts to investigate UAPs, retweeted a video writing: “The US needs to take a serious, scientific look at this and any potential national security implications. The American people deserve to be informed.”


I've taken the liberty of sifting through THOUSANDS of horribly scanned pages of declassified files to bring you valuable information hidden in the deep crevices of the CIA abyss to inform the people of their potential and to challenge the status quo in the hopes to broaden our mental horizons and bring forth a future that recognizes the responsibility and importance of extra-sensory capabilities not only for our own personal benefit and empowerment, but for the future survival of our species. Especially during these uncertain times, I believe it would be largely beneficial to be able to protect myself whether that be with super sensitive emotion receptors to be able to detect lies, or swiftly center my energy to affect the physical world or perhaps be able to remote view at will with a simple step by step process. Whatever the case, I can say with resounding factuality that I can can rely more on my own natural ability to protect myself rather than any man made weapon. The question no longer is an IF, but a HOW thanks to the disclosure movement. So, without further ado, please follow our blog to stay informed on how to discover these abilities for yourself and ways to practice at home. Release your mind to the extraordinary world of Cosmocraft. Stay tuned!...

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