"We're already cyborgs...but could become pets." Elon Musk

During the Code Conference in 2016, Musk conspicuously declared that the solution to maintaining dominion over artificial intelligence is to 'merge in a symbiotic way with digital intelligence' and mentioned that we may very well be cyborgs already. However, he failed to outline the method in which, Musk is convinced is the only way to establish a secure connection to the neural links that lie inside your head and that is to. Yep, you guessed it. To drill a hole into your skull. Elon Musk recently revealed his plan on how he aims to achieve the last phase of his Neuralink project. Musk intends to insert a slender computer chip connected to thin wires imbedded by a surgical robot.



As appealing as telepathy is, which is one of the benefits Musk claims to hopefully achieve with his Neuralink project, I think an analysis of alternative Neuralink implementation methods is overdue. Likewise, we should also be keen on examining the reasons as to why there is an active pursuit to solve an AI problem that we were originally unaware of. Why are we are being championed into such extreme measures to solve these recent impasses in AI evolution? And what is so daunting about the progress of artificial intelligence that we have to start impregnating ourselves with the very same AI that Musk intends to dominate? Wouldn't Elon Musk's proposed 'merger' make us more vulnerable in many ways more than one, due to cyber attacks and the permanent nature of the imbedded microchip? In 2019, CNN Business says that Musk is slated to start human trials as early as next year. 





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