DOD Experiments using REMOTE VIEWING as an intelligence gathering tool, Proved Successful

 The Department of Defense has been involved in examining potential applications involving psychoenergetics since the early 1970's including an attempt to collect secret intelligence information from Russia. According to the DOD, the term psychoenergetics is subdivided into two categories that broadly define its behavior. The first class is rooted in the 3rd Dimension as a mental affect on the physical world, which we commonly know as psychokinesis, whereas the second class is recognized as an experience that starts from within the experimenter and is purely a mental collection of information. This class of abilities cannot be explained by known sensory means nor can they be hindered by any man made machine or technology. We know them as ESP, Telepathy and remote viewing. The broad definition of psychonergetics is defined by the DOD as "The process by which an individual may psychically interact with objects, locations, organisms, or events." 

Two laser physicists, Dr. Harold E Puthoff and Russel Targ, have been documented connecting with two famous psychics, Ingo Swann and Pat Price at  the Stanford Research Institute in order to test the validity, accuracy and potential applications of remote viewing for intelligence gathering under a secret access project called, Project Sun Streak. In consonance with Project Sun Streak, these attempts have proven to be a success. But, what exactly is being proven here? Well, the term "remote viewing" has been coined by the SRI and is defined as "The acquisition and description by mental means of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shielding, or time." In, other words the CIA is cognizantly acknowledging the unlimited possibilities that these abilities possess. As stated in the reports by Dr. Harold Puthoff and Russel Targ, had several legitimate concerns. They were worried whether or not the information obtained from remote viewing would be of reasonable accuracy and even if so, would the information be accepted and used by the intelligence community? 

On September 4th 1979 ACSI (Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence) tasked INSCOM (United States Army Intelligence and Security Command) to locate a missing Navy aircraft under the name Project Grill Flame. Officiating the first operational remote viewing session. In this initial session the remote viewer located the missing aircraft within 15 miles of where it had crashed. The DOD was fully committed to Project Grill Flame and focused on additional operational targets including Russia.

Turning their attention towards a Soviet R&D facility at Semipalitinsk, Russia. "Psychic impressions included much detailed accurate information, some of which was previously unreported, about..." these psychic impressions were confirmed by HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and National Technical Sources. However, they are not the only government body that has co-opted project Sun Streak. The DIA and the Military services have all at one time or another, been involved in countless psychoenergetics tests. For example, in 1972 the U.S. Army Surgeon General worked with the DIA, to publish a series of studies of Soviet bloc work in psychoenergetics. According to the DOD, Russia has been ahead of the US in terms of their psychoenergetics research programs for about 25 years prior to Project Sun Streak. 

I've taken the liberty of sifting through THOUSANDS of horribly scanned pages of declassified files to bring you valuable information hidden deep within the crevices of the CIA abyss to inform the people of their innate potential and to challenge the status quo in the hopes to broaden our mental horizons and bring forth a future that recognizes the responsibility and importance of extra-sensory capabilities not only for our own personal benefit and empowerment, but for the future survival of our species. Especially during these uncertain times, I believe it would be largely beneficial to be able to protect myself whether that be with sensitive emotion receptors to detect lies, or swiftly center my energy to affect the physical world or perhaps to be able to remote view at will with a simple step by step process. Whatever the case, I can say with resounding factuality that I would rely more on my own natural ability to protect myself rather than any man made weapon. The question no longer is an IF, but a HOW thanks to the disclosure movement. So, without further ado, please follow our blog to stay informed on how to discover these abilities for yourself and ways to practice at home. Release your mind to the extraordinary world of Cosmocraft. Stay tuned!...

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