Is it really written in the stars?

              We all have our Sun sign, moon sign and our rising, yet is there more to us than meets the stars. If you are unaware of the of the big 3 (sun, moon, and rising) let us breakdown what they represent. The sun sign perhaps the most important of the three is your essence. It is what motivates you through life, and also teaches you the qualities you are learning to develop. It is the highest expression of your true self. Next, we have the moon; the soul, the subconscious, your deepest most inner emotions awaiting to be revealed. The moon is known to have feminine energy (which is basically embracing your creativity) and is correlated with the element water. Lastly rising, or your ascendant most likely how people perceive you, your outward style. Yes, the big three are all essential in explaining our cosmological makeup.


            There are several other planets such as Mars, Venus, Neptune, etc to name a few. They each have their own association with a house and each carry valuable information to one’s natal chart however, there are 3 other constellations that tend to get overlooked that may give better insight to your cosmological blueprint. The North Node, Chiron, and Midheaven. You’re probably wondering what is so special about those 3 constellations, well here’s your answer. Your North node is all about your destiny. If we go further, it deals with karmic issues from your past and your present. The Midhaven is all about what you are capable of in your career. Lastly your Chiron is all about self-healing and how to heal others. Which brings me to this question, if our moon is supposed to be our “subconscious”, wouldn’t the sun represent our ego?



            Although your ego may die, it doesn’t necessarily go away. In fact, your ego is there to serve you in a different capacity. It can protect you.. Perhaps we can see this from a different perspective. In order for us to persist on this good green earth, it is essential to our survival that we soak up the nutrients of the sun. Similarly, the ego can serve as a resource to go to when in need and still not alter our perspective or "backtrack" in any way. We can take “nutrients” or information from the ego and apply it affectively to certain areas of our lives. For example, we can form a new type of protection, also known as a boundary, to better equip ourselves from the world around us. As we move forward together on this mysterious path, we have the choice to utilize the language of the stars that exists all around us to our benefit. Either we can move gracefully and knowingly into the future with a solid sense of self or we can sit idly by as the old knowledge grows scarce. The answers lie within, trust the process.


My name is Prince Gray and I am a Freelance Writer/Content Creator. Although fairly new to the scene I have a passion for writing whether it be poetry, song-writing, etc. Some of my work has been featured on iTunes by a few independent artists as well as Vocal; a platform allowing writers of all backgrounds an opportunity to get their work out to the masses. Clever, creative, expressive, spiritual, a visionary is all that I encompass. So if you’re seeking a writer with a lot of flavor then look no further.
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