Here we go again Mercury!

With a new president in office, the state of affairs seem to have taken a turn for the better, but with Mercury Retrograde just around the corner, it is only a matter of time until the forces of Mercury asks us to heal from our recent hardships. For those of you who are unaware, Mercury Retrograde is when a planet appears to visually move backwards in orbit and goes into retrograde (reverse) motion. Mercury to some, Hermes to others, this planet carries the symbolism of the messenger architype. So, it’s no surprise that Mercury is centered around communication and coordination. All of which are positive traits however, when a planet goes retrograde there seems to be a negative connotation attached.


Mercury Retrograde is known to cause people to feel discombobulated, all due to a lack of communication. Electronics seem to go haywire, and it is advised not to go under any plastic surgery. Yet with all of this information, we tend to fall into Mercury Retrogrades trap. Mercury is also in the 3rd house which governs communication so it is important to know how your own zodiac sign is affected. Also, it is said that every year certain groups of zodiac signs won’t be as affected by the retrograde, and instead benefit from it. This year all air signs are tributes.

            Regardless if you’re an air sign, or a water sign the biggest takeaway from this retrograde is to become more aware. Take this time to notice where you may be lacking in communication. If you are in a relationship, be cognizant of what may come to the surface in moments of tension. People tend to be a little more impulsive during the retrograde period which may challenge the mental faculty in terms of focused intent. Be on your P’s and Q’s when it comes to your health, especially your mental health. Mercury Retrograde has influence over the nervous system which may cause insomnia. Use this time to do shadow work. Ask yourself these questions. How can I improve my communication? Am I an effective communicator? And most importantly, remember that this is temporary, after all Mercury Retrograde rears its ugly head 3 times a year, lol.



My name is Prince Gray and I am a Freelance Writer/Content Creator. Although fairly new to the scene I have a passion for writing whether it be poetry, song-writing, etc. Some of my work has been featured on iTunes by a few independent artists as well as Vocal; a platform allowing writers of all backgrounds an opportunity to get their work out to the masses. Clever, creative, expressive, spiritual, a visionary is all that I encompass. So if you’re seeking a writer with a lot of flavor then look no further.

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