Synchronicities in dark times

At a time when our country is in disarray and it feels like there’s nothing we can do, music may be the escape we need. We all come from very different backgrounds, listen to many different genres and yet, music continues to be the hallmark of unity across the galaxy. Much like the elements (earth, air, fire, and water) music too is composed of many different components (rhythm, dynamics, melody, tone color, texture, form, and harmony), perhaps alluding to one of the more obvious synchronicities that has ever graced this planet, yet there is no harmony between neighbors, let alone this country. 2020 or as I like to say the year of vision, was difficult for some, and eye-opening for others. We faced many challenges, including COVID-19, the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless of  deaths from the transgender community. We have been confronted with the most terrifying question that a nation could ask....where is our salvation? But I believe the answer lies within. 

For many people much like myself they encountered their first spiritual awakening. Now you’re probably wondering a spiritual awakening during a pandemic! How? Why? All of those questions and many more were exactly the ones I had. Let us backtrack for a bit you’re, probably wondering what exactly is a spiritual awakening?  The “exact” definition of a spiritual awakening is enlightenment or a call to a higher consciousness. Quite honestly, there is no clear - cut answer on how to achieve spirituality because it is very different and unique to the individual. Varying experiences have been reported. You may have had an epiphany and realized a change within yourself. Or you received a sudden urge to explore witchcraft because you want to delve neck deep into self-care mantras and witchy bubble baths. Or maybe you’ve discovered a sense of awareness that you have always possessed, but didn't quite see previously. Whatever the case you were called, you were called for a reason unbeknownst to you...Yet.

Now, music is known to have many benefits; lessen anxiety, reduce stress and improves both memory and cognition, but most importantly it unites. It unites people regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. it brings people together under a common goal of a blissful experience. However, the nemesis to unity is fear. No matter how much happiness music can bring, we are each individually privy to our own annihilation. We are all very familiar with the saying (among MANY others) “When one falls we all fall”, well nothing holds more truth when it comes to the state of our nation. It begs the question, Have we curtailed and removed ourselves from the responsibility to our neighbors? Have we been so saturated in our own worlds that we failed to see the deterioration of our country because Yes, we DID leave someone behind? We’ve witnessed the unequivocal abuse of military personnel on our own people, we saw the appropriation of our cultures by our own people and we saw the attack on our national security and military by our own people. Ladies and gentlemen, by the actions we’ve witnessed in these recent months it is clear to say with resounding factuality; the undoing of our country was never due to the hands of the few, but rather will descend due to the hands of the people themselves. Uniting is our only salvation.

My name is Prince Gray and I am a Freelance Writer/Content Creator. Although fairly new to the scene I have a passion for writing whether it be poetry, song-writing, etc. Some of my work has been featured on iTunes by a few independent artists as well as Vocal; a platform allowing writers of all backgrounds an opportunity to get their work out to the masses. Clever, creative, expressive, spiritual, a visionary is all that I encompass. So if you’re seeking a writer with a lot of flavor then look no further.

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