Breaking Curses

Most folks have this grandiose idea about spirituality. Some believe it to be cupcakes, rainbows and unicorns, and it’s not! Spirituality is intense. It’s every shade of grey you can think of, it’s not just black and white. See there is a lot of focus on the ‘’light” side of things. We only see the sun and the positive side of the spectrum, which is very much accurate, but answer me this “how do you get to that side?” The answer is that you have to embrace both sides of the spectrum. Without darkness there can be no light, without light there can be no darkness. And the sooner we start addressing the root of most of our traumas, the closer to balance we shall find within ourselves.

            But where do we start? Start by asking questions. There are reasons why we behave in such fashions. There are reasons why we hold onto the past, and there are reasons why we worry about the future. Jhene Aiko says it best “You have got to lose your mind, just to find your peace of mind” See unfortunately we have been conditioned from the time we were born to hold on to expectations that were never ours to begin with. It’s difficult! Holding on to things that have caused us to become attached, traumas from our upbringings, and then only to realize that in order to break generational curses, in order to break free from these conditioned narratives that we have to relive these scenarios.

            In order to relive your past, you have to address your past self. Start by addressing traumas in your childhood, because that’s where it starts. For most of us the thought of reliving our childhood is a nightmare. Some of us didn’t have an ideal childhood because quite simply we had to grow up fairly quickly. When you take the time to address your younger self you will soon realize that you are not a product of your environment. You’ll have more empathy for your parents, but most importantly for yourself.

My name is Prince Gray and I am a Freelance Writer/Content Creator. Although fairly new to the scene I have a passion for writing whether it be poetry, song-writing, etc. Some of my work has been featured on iTunes by a few independent artists as well as Vocal; a platform allowing writers of all backgrounds an opportunity to get their work out to the masses. Clever, creative, expressive, spiritual, a visionary is all that I encompass. So if you’re seeking a writer with a lot of flavor then look no further.

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